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Prints Available - Finally!

Finally, I am able to offer the sale of prints of works created during live Manibus Happenings. It is exciting for me to allow participants to purchase a print version of the work that they helped create during a public dance-painting performance event! Not a participant? No problem. I love artwork whether I was there during its creation process or not! These prints are available to anyone that wants to give them admiration in their own space. Here's a link to the latest one created at The Witching Hour Festival in Iowa City, IA: https://www.amendatate.com/product-page/bridging-divides-witching-hour-canvas-print-version #manibus #AmendaTate #print #canvas #painting #Witchinghour #abstract #a

Bridging Divides at Witching Hour Festival

Bridging Divides to Mobilize a Creative Force was a workshop by Jonny Stax, Artist, Creative Coach, and Social Equity Strategist. The event was part of the Witching Hour Festival in Iowa City Nov 1-2, 2019. If you aren't familiar, the Witching Hour is "a festival exploring the unknown, discussing the creative process, and presenting new work." Over the course of a few days, The Englert Theater and other venues around town are buzzing with activity. This session sparked brainstorming and included yours truly facilitating some Manibus Dance-Painting with attendees. The group identified existing divides and strategized creative solutions for finding common ground through artistic means. A list