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On Being Creatively "Quiet" Amid Chaos

April 15, 2020

I posted this awhile back on my social media, but I was rehashing it (beating myself up about it) again today. So, no time like the present to revisit the sentiment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been creatively quiet since all this virus crap started. The anxiety and uncertainty have caused me to feel like it is pointless - maybe I just haven't been able to empty and quiet my mind enough to do it. Maybe I didn't want to deal with it. I just felt sad and numb. Anyway, today I didn't allow myself to stay in that headspace. Here's to taking a deep breath and exhaling. Here is my pointless anxiety-driven cheerfully nihilistic creation of the day called "Apocalyptic Cha Cha." Cheers! And stay away from the cooties.

Apocalyptic Cha Cha Acrylic, Graphite, Typewriter Ink, Paper 14" x 11"

Prints are available in 10" x 8" in my shop: https://www.amendatate.com/product-page/apocalyptic-cha-cha-commemorative-print

Also for kicks, you can get the image custom printed on a fanny pack - er, rather COVID-19 Survival Pack: https://www.amendatate.com/product-page/covid19-survival-pack

This survival fanny pack is the perfect solution for anyone on-the-go from room to room! You can keep your most needed items at the ready and still be fashionable - all while operating hands-free! Require your colored pencils with you at all times? No problem, here's the solution. Have to make a run for supplies or forage in the woods? This survival pack has you covered. It is the perfect size to accommodate your survival gear. Stow your precious liquid-gold hand sanitizer, mask, and gloves for ready access. This fashion-forward necessity is certain to enhance every outfit - from bathrobe and yoga pants to Mad Max apocalypse wear. Show someone you love that you miss them and you care - have one shipped to a friend or loved one! This item is custom crafted featuring original artwork by Amenda Tate titled "Apocalyptic Cha Cha." **CONTENTS NOT INCLUDED: hand sanitizer, mask, gloves, etc. Purchase is custom commemorative fanny pack only.**

Cloth face cover:


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