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This artwork is called "The Fog of Domesticity." One of the intermediary layers was painted utlilzing my Manibus paint-bot as I went through the motions of doing the dishes. 

If you know me, you know I hate doing the dishes. I don't even really know why- I mean I have a fancy dishwasher machine and everything. Something in me just can't be bothered to stay ahead of "the pile."

During the week, we ran out of forks and I simply told my son, "just pluck one out and wash it." 😅

I stayed mindful in the task - no music, no booze - just focused on my movements and motions. The way I pivot on my heel to put away coffee mugs in the cabinet behind me. The way I pick up plates in a stack of four at a time. Stack and sort the leftover containers and lids before taking them to the cabinet.

It was okay. I mean, I didn't enjoy it, but I learned about myself and my bodily systems for production in the process. 

No surprise that I didn't care for the painting the action created either. I dare say that my attitude may have colored the outcome a bit. So, I smeared paint on top of it and came back to redeem parts of it later. A strong reaction is still a reaction. And, I feel much better about the outcome now.


Acrylic and spray paint on paper. Original one of a kind.

24" x 18" unframed

Hand signed

The Fog of Domesticity

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