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My most recent project, Sapient_2.021, is an experimental short film exploring what it means to be human in a tech-saturated world. This work is part collaborative documentary and part screen dance. It draws inspiration from science fiction combining Tate’s motion-controlled painting robot with dance and visual art to examine ideas surrounding labor, control, empathy, and human rights in the wake of 2020. The work commemorates the 100th anniversary of the word “robot” introduced to the English language through the play R.U.R (Rossum’s Universal Robots) by Karel Capek. This project is supported by the Iowa Arts Council a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts. More information can be found here: Sapient website

This page includes a selection of my recent works as a socially engaged artist. Video works include: creative process, performance documentation, and interviews.  Scroll down to see abstract paintings created as artifacts of new media collaborations using my movement-controlled painting robot named Manibus.

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Sapient (Hip Hop Fusion) 300.jpg

Allan Kaprow

"Words, sounds, human beings in motion, painted constructions, electric lights, movies and slides - and perhaps in the future, smells - all in continuous space involving the spectator or audience; those are the ingredients. Several of all of them may be used in combination at any one time, which permits me a great range of possibilities."

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